Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In one week today I leave for another year of university
so excited :o

Monday, August 30, 2010


I haven't found a blog that fits my type (some I know have top 10, cooking, protips) and I would like to fit my niche into the blogging community. Until I discover what I want to do with my blog it shall remain a random one :3
Hopefully you all enjoy it!
Ps: Listen to Micheal Phelps

Top Ten (August 30)

My top ten bands you probably haven't heard of.
Keep in mind this is my opinion and if you have heard of these bands don't go saying "well omg I know this band you suck lolololol" very mature.

10. Blind Faith
These guys are very good and I only got them when I was searching around for Eric Clapton. Yeah he is in this band and probably why it isn't known (at least to none of my friends) is because they were only around for about a year and produced one album. Pretty bad because they are really good.

9. Box Car Racer
Formed as a side project during Blink 182, this band also produced one album but it is spectacular. Probably very known from die-hard fans but not very known to the rest of the public. A great band and a must listen. (Just like everything else here.)

8. Forgive Durden
Wow these guys have been around for a while but they don't have the recognition they deserve. A very good band and a killer album (Wonderland). If you are into the alternate rock scene then give these guys a try.

7. The Hush Sound
Very alternative jazzy sound. Smooth and clean lyrics with very nice rhythms. I listened to these guys for a week straight but then got sick of them :( Such a shame because I love this band. They also have a girl singer and wow is she good.

6. m83
A French pop/electronic band who know how to make electronic sound different from just dance music. Great when you're relaxing and enjoying the weather or playing a calm game.

5. Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Not a well known band, my friend introduced me to them and I must say it was a good listen. I don't like them as much as she does but they do earn my respect for the lovely guitar and lyrics they produce. An alternative/metal with screamo is a very unique style but enjoyable nonetheless.

4. Sugarcult
One of my favorite bands period. A few songs are well known such as Hate Every Beautiful Day and Back to California but there are many, many more amazing songs by them. An alternative with lots of rock makes this an amazing band. They may be well known in other places but over here no one knows them sadly.

3. Showbread
Wow I love this band as well. Very hard rock with screamo fits this band very well. Whenever you are in the need of pump up songs; this is your band.

2. Lostprophets
A Welsh band so they may be well known in Europe but over here in the America's they are not sadly. Their older stuff is heavier than their new stuff and their newest album is great. Although they are a little emo/soft alternative they are very good and they were my favorite band throughout high school. Please come tour here.

1. The Myriad
This band is amazing. Period. These guys know how to make every song a masterpiece. One of the few bands where their whole album has great songs and no mediocre ones. An amazing influential band who surprisingly no one knows. I could die peacefully now after listening to their songs.